Kana Labs

Welcome to Kana Labs

What is Kana Labs?

Kana Labs is a multi-chain DeFi & DEX super app aimed at revolutionising trading and payment services in blockchain technology. We aim to achieve this by combining multi-chain wallets, multi-chain aggregators, cross-chain solutions, and feeless transactions under a single platform. This way we provide our clients with a fiat payment gateway-like payment experience and a true on-chain cross-chain transaction experience across multiple source chains.

Why Kana Labs? What makes Kana Labs different?

Our platform features a simplified and user-friendly user experience that enables our users to participate in making DeFi transactions even if they lack proper knowledge or background on DeFi yields and DEX liquidity. It features powerful tools which cater to a wide range of protocols for both DeFi and DEX users.
Kana Labs unique dashboard features wallets for multiple blockchains which are integrated with key DeFi protocols such as swap, stake, lend, and borrow allowing users to make transactions on the go without the need to locate individual apps for the same. Our proprietary cross-chain algorithm together with integration from layer zero’s omnichain interoperability protocol helps provide our clients with true and fast on-chain multi-chain swaps, while conventional cross-chain solutions mostly hold tokens collateral while issuing alternative tokens making it a slow, expensive, and inefficient process.
Our clients - users and developers - will have access to a wide range of tokens across Aptos, Solana, and Neon ecosystems. With liquidity sourced from a wide range of platforms across multiple chains, we provide our clients with the best pricing on all their DeFi and DEX transactions in a gasless transaction environment via our proprietary aggregation algorithm.

What can I do with Kana Labs?

  • Create multiple wallets - Users can now create and possess wallets for Aptos, Solana, and Neon under a single UI and also create multiple wallets for the same blockchain simultaneously to store all their digital assets (tokens and NFTs).
  • Collect NFTs - Users can collect NFTs adding them to their wallets as collections.
  • Swap - Kana Labs bring you the best-priced swaps with a seamless, flexible, and attractive UI. You can swap tokens at the best possible prices from across the various DEXs within a network and also do cross-chain swaps with a variety of tokens across the Solana, Neon, and Aptos ecosystems.
  • Stake - Stake tokens on the Solana, Aptos, and Neon blockchains and earn compound rewards.
  • Lend and Borrow - Get the best prices for your lend and borrow transactions. With multi-chain, you could transfer tokens across networks to ensure that your tokens always get you the best yields. With a choice of several 100s of tokens across networks, users would be spoilt for choice.
  • Feeless transaction - Turbo helps you make transactions with zero gas fees be it swap, stake, lend or borrow.